All does not mean all

Lebanese Political parties have not landed from Mars and they are part of the Lebanese fabric and connected biologically
After the collapse of Lebanon economically, it was natural to find a frustration reaction that would blame everything, and to take a negative stance against everything,
This spontaneous reaction is natural, who among us people who are characterized with our emotional, passionate and spontaneous character did not see himself in this emotional state, the shock was dominant
I would be lying if I did not find the slogan that blames All political parties attractive , the political system and everything, takes a revolutionary hard line stance against every element of the ruling class, and I say the ruling class, because as we all know, Lebanon is governed by a consensus that sees religious secterial balance as the guideline, and cornerstone in this equation of consensus, a type of consensus that is enforced by the system
Who among us did not call for, demands, and agree to change the very foundation of the system
But people cool down; within time the realistic, more objective, pragmatic, fair approach finds more room for a more practical and less emotional and more realistic approach
First of all, my support for the revolution, the Civil society has not faded, sympathy and support for the civil society is still large, but not as dominant and exclusive, but with time me and naturally tens of thousands of Lebanese have wished and called for the Revolution and the sovereignty forces to find common ground, harmony, cooperation, and even alliance.
First of all, allow me to declare it openly, I am a firm believer of the Cedar revolution, the sovereignty powers, the Lebanese resistance, the Lebanese forces, the phalange, the Ahrar party, and 14 march Armenian powers, mainly the social democrat Hunchak party
That being said, I also want to give tribute and credit to independent figures, some of whom have chosen a third way, to join the Revolution of the civil society
Allow me to point out that
-The Lebanese Political parties have not landed from planet Jupiter with parachutes, they have not been imported, they have emerged from the heart of Lebanese families, I am not here to discuss each perspective of Lebanese partisans who engaged in political and military activities for their beliefs, and this is beyond the boundaries of this article
So they are part of the Lebanese fabric and society, they all suffered from the huge economic collapse that stroke Lebanon
I want to point out that these sovereignty powers have warned for years and years that we are heading for catastrophe, they called over and over again to correct the direction and the path that the Lebanese political dominant force took
Can we deny the fact that the political vision of the Lebanese sovereignty powers, mainly the Lebanese Forces, the Phalange and the National Democratic Ahrar party was placed in a frozen status and attempts were made to isolate these three forces, declare and consider them too extreme?
Have we asked ourselves? Why the Lebanese system, which is a democratic system, lost its ability to efficiently foresee, take measures and prevent such a mysterious collapse
Corruption, Is this the main reason, no, I don’t think so, corruption exist everywhere, even the most advanced countries, Lebanon suffered corruption like most third world countries yet flourished in the 60’s and 70’s, it was called the Switzerland of the East
So why was our system not immu8ne to such a collapse that no one can diagnose the reasons?
In my opinion all this has another roots, we do have a democratic republic, with its constitution, a democratically elected parliament, the fourth rule – the press, the press expresses freely
But what blocked the transparency and the mechanism, to monitor, control the process, takes steps and measures, why there was no transparency
I think the main and accurate reason for this is the lack of the emergence of the efficient state
A clear capable effecitive efficient state secures and ensures transparency to the minimum level required to prevent such a strange mystery and enigma, until now to this day there is no clear explanation, 3 years after the collapse, no one can give a clear answer and explain transparently what the reason for such a catastrophe was
Who warned for years and demanded the emergence of an effective state in Lebanon
Corruption was present for years and run out of control and accountability, because it found a cover
There is a force inside Lebanon superior in power than the republic, than the state, it resulted in a three layer of catastrophic consequences
-Some powers indulged in corruption because they enjoyed the protection and cover of the superior power
-Some powers benefited from this situation because they used the hindering of the state progress as an excuse to justify failure and stalemate, they saw the fact that this superior powers cripples the state a perfect opportunity to indulge in corruption and blame this superior power
-Eventually, as both sides were involved in corruption, a natural truce was evolved; eventually both sides turned a blind eye and never monitored each other effectively
This superior power crippled the state and paralyzed the institutions; governments were not formed for months, presidents not elected
With these superior powers, state decision upon war and peace was absent; they involved Lebanon in adventures whenever they saw this proper, this discouraged foreign investment in Lebanon, countries who have friendly relationship and sympathy towards Lebanon, were displeased and eventually abandoned us financially

Due to absence of government, presidency, and cripple of legislative and executional effective work was not performed
All this evolved further, people started to see the republic as a grocery store, from all directions, corruption descended to lower levels
All this has contributed at largest scale until one day the country collapsed
Now a lot of 14 March powers or politicians at some stage found this superior power hegemony and total dominance upon Lebanon convenient,
But not all
All does not mean all
There are a lot of powers that stood firm and never made peace and truce with this superior power.

Among them the Lebanese Forces, the Lebanese Phalange, and the Ahrar party, and a lot of independent figures inside 14 March
Vote for such forces

The victory for these powers in addition to independent figures inside the cedar revolution and the Civil society revolution, will be the salvation for Lebanon
Long Live Lebanon, the Cedar Revolution, the civil society revolution

Peter Manoukian
A Lebanese and Armenian Expatriate in Armenia